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Meet Our Tattoo Artists



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You can text Milton to book an appointment or to get a quote 615-580-1176


Find him on Instagram 
You can email Jake to nook an appointment or to get a quote


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You can email Murray to book an appointment or to get a quote


Jake  Snoddy is our piercer, he's been piercing for 5 years. We will not be taking any appointments for piercings, just come down to the shop during business hours.

Delane Chavez is one of our piercers. Delane went to Fakir Musafar Basic Body Piercing Intentive in San Francisco and learned so much about body piercing. Delane really enjoys piercing and would love to do you next piercing for you, come down and see her at the shop.


All piercings are $40 with the exception of Nipples. Industrial and Lobes.

All piercings include jewelry

Nostrils $40

Lobes $40

Rook $40

Daith $40 

Tragus $40

Conch $40

Cartilage/Helix $40

Lip/Labret/Medusa $40

Tongue $40

Eyebrow $40

Navel $40

Nipples $60

Industril $60

We will pierce minors, but you must have the Child's birth certificate and the adult MUST have an ID. For Lobes we will pierce any child's lobes that is 5+ with proper documentation. 

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call 615-890-7577.


Delane Chavez

Body Piercer




J. Smalley will be doing a Guest Spot at the shop December 13th for our Friday the 13th event and Saturday December 14th 11am-8pm, to book an appointment  with him text 615-580-1129. You can find more of his work on Instagram @jsmalleytattooer.



Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm
Sunday-Monday Closed


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Please write your email in the message section below. You can also text us for a quote or to book an appointment with one of our artists 615-580-1129.

2484 Old Fort Pkwy, Murfreesboro, TN 37128, USA

(615) 890-7577